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Farewell to 60

It may have taken me a little over a month to lose 10 more pounds, but I did it!!

I'm finally down to 60 pounds lost!!!  This is honestly insane, and I can't fully express my emotions.

60 pounds.  Wow.  I've expressed this before to a few friends, but, when I was at 30 pounds down it was a big deal, but I didn't really see the big picture.  60 pounds proves that I have done something hard.  That I am MORE than half way to my goal.  It's kind of mind blowing to think about!  Like I said, I can't fully express the emotion.

To put it 60 pounds into perspective:

I've lost that much fat!  How gross is that!?!?

I love to see pictures that show my progress, since I see myself everyday I don't really notice it.  Last August I went to San Francisco with some good friends to see some Giants v. Braves games.  So, here's a picture showing 7 months difference:
So the left is August 2012 and the right is today, March 15, 2013. My how 20 lbs. makes a difference.