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I'm going to make this short and sweet...I gained weight this week.  There are two factors: 1.  I started to exercise, and yes, I should lose weight with that, but 2. I ate food I shouldn't.  My family and I went and had Indian food to celebrate my cousin coming to visit, then it was my dad's birthday and I let him choose where to go for his dinner, and he chose pizza, then I REALLY wanted ice cream, so I had some.  Also, it's Conference Weekend, and it's hard to not snack...yep.
I'm not going to make excuses, it doesn't help to.  I'm just going to look forward and rededicate myself to the program.  I will not jump off the bandwagon for longer then a few days, it was hard jumping off for months, I'm not doing it again.  I want to get to my goal, and constantly jumping off gets me out of "fat burning" which takes me further away from what I want to accomplish.
So, friends, here's to a new week, with new choices.  Let's see what it h…