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If You Never Try Then You'll Never Know

"Change is:
Scary and hard at the start.
Messy in the middle.
AMAZING in the end! Don't fear change, don't fear hard work, don't be scared to fail or fall and keep focusing on your goal and WHY you want this. If it's something you really want then you'll have to be prepared to give it your all, to pick yourself up when you fall and to let go of being perfect or doing things perfectly. Don't let anything or anyone stand in your way, if there is something you want then do anything to get there and work your butt off.
Change is only scary because it's something new and "unknown" which makes you feel uncomfortable.
Stick at it and you will get there and you will be so glad you committed to it!
Don't fear the change, embrace it!
Change can be an amazing thing, it brings you out of your comfort zone and gives you the chance to learn, adapt and evolve!
Go for it with confidence!" -Emily Skye
I saw the above quote today on Facebook from a fitnes…