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I found my people

I always thought I knew where home was:  North Ogden, Utah.  Well, I was wrong.  The second we landed in Hawaii, I felt like a piece of me was restored.  I didn't even know it was missing, but I found it.  Hawaii has my heart, and if I have it my way, someday I will return...permanently. :)

I didn't end up skydiving, it was raining pretty hard almost the whole day we had planned to do it.  But I'm not bummed about it, we have skydiving here.  It would have been cool, but we got to do some other things that we hadn't initially planned.

I took over 200 photos, and there's no way I can add them all here, so here's just a snapshot of a few of the memories.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience.  I was in my element, with my loved ones, in paradise.

This one is just to show how happy I was.  I was comfortable in my skin, happy as a clam. I'm so homesick now! haha
In regards to my journey:  Before I left I was .5 lbs away from loosing 70 …

Change is a GOOD thing!

Life is SO great!  I'm starting to see my progress, and it's really making me happy and motivated.

I have two AMAZING photographer friends!  The older pictures (when I was at my top weight) were taken by Shantel Urry and the newer ones were taken by Ashlee Parkinson. (Hint: If you like what you see, click their name and check out their other stuff! :))
It's just fun for me to be able to see!  Granted I'm wearing a looser shirt that isn't tight on the right, but still, you can see it.  Also, and I didn't realize this, but you can physically see that my confidence level has gone up.  I've always know who I am, no doubt about it.  I just never realized that through this process I'm becoming more confident and I'm growing so much daily...that's motivation enough for me to keep going.
Wanna kick it Relief Society and hear a good news minute?  (This whole blog is a good news minute! haha) I've been needing to buy some new jeans.  I only have one pai…

I'm an idiot

I am!  I am a major idiot!  I'm not going to delete that last post because it's a reality check for me.  After I posted it I was just looking at it and glanced to the side at my "countdown".  And, you know what?  I've come a long way!  I'm 30 pounds lighter now then I was in July of last year.  I've almost lost 20 pounds more then I have to lose.
I've done SO good!  I just need to keep remembering that.  I've almost lost SEVENTY pounds!  

I can do it!  I just have to remember that loosing 1/2 a pound a day is still loosing!  Yeah it's frustrating, but if I just stick to it, I'll make it eventually.  
Sorry friends.  I'm a roller coaster today.  Just had to count my blessings! :)

.5 a day keeps the doctor away...right?

Okay, so this is a quick post.

I am frustrated!...and I shouldn't be...

At the beginning of my weight loss journey I was losing weight SO fast, like 2-3 pounds a day.  It obviously slowed down, and luckily I haven't plateaued yet.  So what's the problem?

I'm just so used seeing (or I just want to see) those 2-3 pounds a day that only seeing a 1/2 pound weight loss everyday gets frustrating.  Especially since I'm so much more strict now than I was before, I should be losing 1,000,000 pounds a day! (I obviously know that is completely unrealistic :) haha)

This is just my rant.  There is no substance to it.  It's stupid, I know.  I'm just being real.

With that, I'm going to Hawaii in a week!  I'm SUPER excited!!  (Even though I'm not to my Hawaii goal weight...stupid 1/2 pounds! haha)

Just keep swimming, I guess. :)