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A Broken Heart

Yesterday I did SO good!  I didn’t cheat at all, and I was really looking forward to my Lean and Green meal for the day.
So my friends and I went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner.  They have the BEST chicken salads!..and also the best rolls…Whenever I go there I usually let myself have one and then I try and stay strong, which is normally easy because oftentimes they don’t refill the basket.  Well, our waiter was awesome!  He kept the rolls coming.  I was doing so good, reminding myself how I had stayed on track the whole day and I didn’t want to derail. 
But I gave in.  I had one roll, and then another, and another, and the next thing I knew, I had had five or six rolls.  No big deal, right?  Wrong!
To those that don’t know, when you don’t eat carbs, and then you overindulge, it HURTS!  I kept thinking I should just try and throw it up so it would stop hurting…but that would be a waste of a meal.
When we got home, I kept joking with one of my friends that I just needed to throw up bec…

Ridin' Dirty

Alright, I’m finally updating about the Dirty Dash.  I know you have all been just waiting with anticipation to hear how I did. Haha!
Well, I did it!  AND it was SO much fun!
I ran the race with three of my friends and I was so nervous because the three of them are a LOT more fit than I am.  I HATE the feeling of holding people back, so I think I was more nervous for the fact that I wouldn’t be able to run as much as them, but we would all be staying together…so I’d hold them back.  Hard to deal with.
I had high hopes of doing the 10k, but I only did the 5k…but let’s just say that I got owned right before the end of the 5k and I couldn’t go on. Haha  The Dirty Dash has fun obstacles in the mud and it’s more about having fun rather than running a race.  (I think I ran probably 5 minutes, if that!, the entire time.) So we started off, and you have to run up this hill, not a very big one, but for someone who doesn’t run/kind of hates it because it’s hard to breath, it was a little terri…

Sayonara SEVENTY!

It's that time again!  I've lost another 10 pounds!  So that makes my weight loss 70 lbs down.  I've actually lost a little bit more but I'm just rounding down and I'll get to 80 faster. haha

Like I posted a few weeks ago, the changes are starting to become more and more recognizable.  I'm wearing a size of pant I don't think I've worn since junior high (maybe?) I bought a sweater last week that was a size smaller than the ones I bought last year...things are good!
I always like to kind of put things into perspective, since it's hard for me to see the changes sometimes, so here is what 70 pounds looks like: 
Kind of crazy!
Another update: I've started exercising!  And I actually like it!  I'm running the Dirty Dash in 2 weeks, so I've just started running on the treadmill to get up a little bit of endurance, and I made a goal to start yoga in September...I'll talk about that adventure a little later! haha  (Cliff hanger, right!? haha…