Sayonara SEVENTY!

It's that time again!  I've lost another 10 pounds!  So that makes my weight loss 70 lbs down.  I've actually lost a little bit more but I'm just rounding down and I'll get to 80 faster. haha

Like I posted a few weeks ago, the changes are starting to become more and more recognizable.  I'm wearing a size of pant I don't think I've worn since junior high (maybe?) I bought a sweater last week that was a size smaller than the ones I bought last year...things are good!

I always like to kind of put things into perspective, since it's hard for me to see the changes sometimes, so here is what 70 pounds looks like: 

Kind of crazy!

Another update: I've started exercising!  And I actually like it!  I'm running the Dirty Dash in 2 weeks, so I've just started running on the treadmill to get up a little bit of endurance, and I made a goal to start yoga in September...I'll talk about that adventure a little later! haha  (Cliff hanger, right!? haha)

So here's to another 10 pounds down, and hopefully it doesn't take me as long as these 10.

Always remember that you are awesome and I appreciate you!  You're support and kind words keep me going, so from the bottom of my heart, I thank you! :)



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