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Secrets, secrets are SO fun! :)

A TON of people have been asking me about what I’m doing to reach my weight loss goals.  What are my secrets?  My exercise routines?  Any tips?  So, I’ve decided to share a few  secrets with y’all, ready? OKAY! (haha)
#1 Secret:  Losing weight is completely in your head.  It’s up to you to make the right choices, it’s up to you to find the motivation.  I’ve said it before but, before you start your journey, make up in your mind, first, why you are doing it, and second, that you can.  Trust me, it’s not easy to do, which is why most people only last a day or two, but it is SO worth the effort.
#2 Secret:  Don’t focus on exercise at first.  Really!  I honestly have not implemented a fitness routine yet.  I’ve gone to the gym and lifted ONCE, in October, and I think my muscles are still sore.  (Thanks, Sammy! Haha) I’ve gone running ONCE.  But as of last week, I’ve started to throw in walks.  Not so much for the weight loss portion of exercise, but I’ve had so much pent up energy I needed…

Holi Festival 2013

I have a few things that I look forward to every year, and last Saturday was one of them: The Holi Festival, in Spanish Fork.  I love this festival so much!  For those who know me, know that I LOVE color.  I get mesmerized by it.  I also love when people are happy.  So, this festival is right up my alley, happy people running around, having a great time and throwing chalk at eachother in bright, beautiful colors. I’ve been a few times and I just wanted to post some pictures here, it shows my weight loss progress really well.  (This is my weight loss blog after all. J)

These pics are from 2009...

These two pics are from 2010, left, and 2013, right.  I remember feeling disgusting and not pretty at all in 2010.  This year, I had confidence and I felt good the whole time.

Here's the group from this year.  We had so much fun this year!!  I'm already excited for the next festival.
So, here's to looking forward to another great year, and another awesome Festival of…