First Off...Introductions

I've struggled with the thought of starting a blog.  Who am I to think that I'm important enough to have one?  No one will read it.  Then I thought to myself, "Maybe one person will, and maybe that person needs some help on their journey."
Also, the thought of starting a blog about my weight loss journey terrifies me!  I don't want to put my weight up for the world to know...but if that number keeps falling, who cares, right? :)

To begin.

I have, pretty much, always been the chubby girl.  I gained weight when I was about 7 or 8, and it just kept piling on.
One of the first steps to losing weight is: understanding WHY you gained it in the first place.  So, why did I gain my weight?  Simple, I'm an emotional eater.  My life has been amazing!  But has it been full of sunshine and daisies, unicorns and rainbows?  No.  Life's been hard.  If things get hard or stressful or sad, I eat.
When I was 8 my mom got REALLY sick.  She was diagnosed with kidney failure.  She had to do dialysis and eventually she got a transplant, but despite the doctors best efforts, she almost died.  So, I ate.  And ate.  And ate some more.  I started gaining weight, and kids started to make fun of me, naturally, I ate more.
Before I knew it, I was in junior high and well over 200 lbs.  Some days my weight controlled me and some days it didn't .  I learned who I was, and that definition did not include what I weighed.  I learned to love me for my personality (and my cute teddy bear body and my awesome hair haha!).  I learned that the true road to happiness was making people happy, and being there for them when they were having a hard time.  By the time I was a senior in high school, I forgot how "fat" I was.  (P.S. I HATE the word fat!  I'm sure I'll get into that sometime.)  I was active in activities in school, and had a ton of friends, and I was truly happy!
After I graduated it was the same story.  My personality was always what people noticed, and I loved that.  Sure, they saw my "fluff" but that didn't matter to them, and it for sure didn't matter to me.
When I was 21 my mom was diagnosed, again, with kidney failure.  I was terrified, so I ate.  When I was 22, she was diagnosed with cancer.  You guessed it, I ate.  By the time she passed away, I was 24 and about 270 lbs.  (Yikes!!)
My mom's death spurred something in me though.  I began to think of what would happen if I became sick and had to depend on people taking care of me.  I thought of life's experiences that I was missing out on.  Ultimately, I would end up focused on my weight, and how it was holding me back in actually LIVING.  So, I made up my mind to become a Loser.

But more on that later, friends.


  1. You are beautiful inside and out Emily. Your personality shines and you are an example to me. I love reading your Facebook updates and will look forward to your blog posts. I am terribly sorry about your mom, she raised a great daughter. Good luck!

    1. Holy cow! Thank you, Laurel! You really are so sweet, and I'm so glad to count you as one of my friends! :)

  2. Your positive outlook on life was always insanely inspiring to me in secondary school - I'm guessing that same quality will serve you well in accomplishing anything you aim for. I'm cheering for you from Africa!

    1. Thank you, Melyn! It's great to know that I have Africa on my side! haha Hope you're doing great out there! :)

  3. you go girl!!! you'll kick some major butt!!!


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