The Biggest Loser and Me

Yes, friends, I applied for The Biggest Loser.....5 times! haha

It's always been a goal of mine to help people, any way that I can.  I started to realize that I couldn't really do that in the state that I was in.  I needed to get healthy, I needed to take care of me first, before I could do anything else.  So, applying for the show was an obvious decision.
I never wanted to really be on The Biggest Loser.  What I mean is, is that I wanted to lose weight, not be famous or wear spandex in front of the whole country.  I did think it was cool that I could lose weight and people could watch my progress and grow with me.  If I had the money, I would have gladly gone to one of the Biggest Loser resorts out there, but I didn't have the means to do it.  Also, I didn't want my personlity and story to go to waste. haha
My first few times applying, I didn't really put anything into my application or video.  I knew I wasn't going to go far, but it was worth a shot.  Last year, I got serious.  I asked my friend, Adrie, who has her own wedding video company, if she would make a video for me.  A month and probably a million hours later, we had a winning video.  For the first time, I actually thought I was going to be on the show.
The hardest part was that I actually involved A LOT of people in the process.  We had people tell the casting directors why they thought I should be on the The Biggest Loser.  I felt like I had to get on the show, or I'd let people down.
Believe it or not, I actually got a call.  They told me that I was moving forward in the casting process and they really liked me.  I got pretty far in the whole process, up to the point where if I made it one more step I would have been in California.  (I should add here that when I got my call back I got the mentality that I was going to be on the show, so I ate WHATEVER I wanted! haha...and I gained about 10 lbs. Putting me at a whopping 282 lbs!  SO gross!!!) I was a little sad when I didn't get picked to be a contestant, but life goes on, and I tried again, with the same video as the last time, but with not as much enthusiasm.
Aaaand I got a call back.  They told me that if I applied with my dad, I basically would be on the show.  Unfortunately, my dad isn't as enthusiastic about losing weight as I have become.  So that was a no go.
With this up and down roller coaster of casting and maybes I came to one conclusion:  A person can not rely on a reality tv show to change their life.  They must do it on their own.
So in February of this year (2012) I took charge of my life.


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