Buh-Bye BL!

One thing that I have completely forgot to talk about, but I'm sure was just assumed, is my goal of being on The Biggest Loser.
Like I said before, I have applied for the show, I think, six times, although it may be five.  This last Saturday they held an open casting call in Salt Lake City and I was invited to it well over a month and a half ago.  I decided that I would go to the casting call but I wouldn't make a new video for this season and I would just see where the lots fell.
For those of you who are unaware of what happens at a casting call let me explain.  There are hundreds of hopefuls in line. When I left they had already seen about 500 people and they had about five hours left of casting. They have two lines, the "Front of the Line" pass holders and the people who didn't receive a pass.  Just because you have a pass, doesn't mean that you have a better chance of getting further in the process.  (Note:  I got a front of the line pass from the show and a "personal" invitation from the show.  I was reading a FAQ from the casting directors about casting and they said the show never gives out the passes.  Well, I got one from them, so I felt a little special! haha)  You have to fill out an application and attach a photo of yourself.  You wait in line FOREVER.  Then you go into a room, and wait some more and then you go to another room to wait a little longer.  A fun thing is that sometimes contestants from seasons past come and visit and talk to you while you're waiting.

Here is Sione Fa from Season 7.  Super nice!  We talked about his neon orange shoes and his fear of eating out when he got off of the show. 

 Moses Kinikini and I.  Little known fact:  Moses, his daughter Kaylee and I all started our casting with The Biggest Loser together.  The first time we were in line together for 8 hours and the second time (when they got cast on the show!) we were at the same casting table.  Love Moses!  We talked two times for about 15-20 minutes each time.  Such a great man, and inspiration to many.

Eventually, you're then put in groups of ten and taken to a casting director.  You are then given seven minutes, as a group, to talk to the directors.  Yep, seven minutes, ten people.  IMPOSSIBLE to get your personality and goals across.
I knew I didn't have that great of a shot going into it.  I had to find recent photos of myself, and I kept looking at my cruise pictures and thinking "I am not Biggest Loser size anymore".  And the fact of the matter is, I'm not.  I had the chance to talk to some of the people who work for the show and they basically told me the same thing.
After seeing all of the people in line I made a decision: my goal of being on The Biggest Loser is over.  I can't try and be on a show, where I have already started my progress, and take it away from people who truly do need it.
The past few days have been a little hard because of that decision.  Have you even given up on a goal? It's rough. I feel, a little bit, like a failure.  BUT then I remind myself, I'm in this position because I've already gained SO much!  I'm already on my way to my goal.  I already am getting the knowledge of how to become a healthy me.  I'm on my way!
So buh-bye Biggest Loser.  I'll never be on your ranch, I'll never wear spandex on national TV (yay!!!), I may never meet Bob, but I will be a loser someday! :)


  1. There is no need for that TV show to prove what you are already proving to yourself! You are incredible and I'm excited to follow along with you on this great path :)


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