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Obsession and checking something off the list!

Have you ever been obsessed with something?  To the point where it's all that you think about?
I have.  And that's why I had to take a break.
I got so obsessed with what I saw on the scale that it was overtaking my entire life.  I would weight every morning.  I would look at calendars and try and calculate my progress for the near future.  I would obsess over what I was putting in my mouth.  At the end of the night I would think about what I ate and try and figure out how much I would lose, or gain...almost to the point where it was too much.
Luckily, this "obsession" didn't affect my outside life, just mentally.  I don't think my friends and family realized where I was mentally.  I realized that I needed a break to regroup my thoughts and calm down.
And so, with that, I'm back.  :)
There's a fine line between knowing where you are in loosing weight and obsessing, and, although it's hard, I'm really trying not to obsess this time.  Whatever hap…