Obsession and checking something off the list!

Have you ever been obsessed with something?  To the point where it's all that you think about?
I have.  And that's why I had to take a break.
I got so obsessed with what I saw on the scale that it was overtaking my entire life.  I would weight every morning.  I would look at calendars and try and calculate my progress for the near future.  I would obsess over what I was putting in my mouth.  At the end of the night I would think about what I ate and try and figure out how much I would lose, or gain...almost to the point where it was too much.
Luckily, this "obsession" didn't affect my outside life, just mentally.  I don't think my friends and family realized where I was mentally.  I realized that I needed a break to regroup my thoughts and calm down.
And so, with that, I'm back.  :)
There's a fine line between knowing where you are in loosing weight and obsessing, and, although it's hard, I'm really trying not to obsess this time.  Whatever happens, happens, just have to keep treking on no matter what I see on the scale and work to loose the weight.
I'm still at 222, so that's good.  :)
In other news, I'M GOING TO HAWAII!!  In 22 days!!  My friends and I are going to Oahu and just chilling on the island for about a week.  And guess what!?  Remember my goal of skydiving this year?  It's going to happen.  In Hawaii!  I'm SO excited!

I'd love to be as close to 200 as possible by the time we go, but you can't really control how fast your body releases the fat.  The skydiving company takes people who weight up to 240, but anything over 200 has to pay something like $2 per pound...ridiculous?  Yes.  Motivating?  Heck yeah!  I don't want to pay $44 more just because I have some extra padding. :)  So, I'm just going to work hard and be good with my diet, and just see what comes.  (By work hard, I don't mean exercise. haha Still have yet to really hit the gym.  Which I probably should since I'm running a 10k in September..and I don't run. haha)
I know I always have this grand "I'm sorry" post and always say that I'll do better and keep writing more...But this time, we'll see.  I don't want to become obsessed again, and honestly, keeping a blog and having an "audience" watching your progress is kind of intense so it pushes you a little harder than normal.

And with that, friends, here's a pic of what I'm looking like today.  (Beware:  I have NO makeup and didn't do my hair today.  So, I'm looking fresh! haha  When you have a pool, getting ready everyday just isn't appealing if it's just going to be completely ruined that night.  Also, I'm sticking with the bathroom pics.  I think it's funny now, and it really does have great lighting! :) haha)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!  Make healthy choices and it will pay off. :)
Peace and Blessings! xoxo


  1. Emily! I so admire your dedication. Great work girl!!

    I started running last summer and it helped me lose weight so fast along with my diet. I became "obsessed" to the point that a 5k wasn't enough so I started training for a 10k. I am so happy I did it-I never thought I could. If you don't already have a running program, I highly recommend "Ease into 5k" and then "Bridge to 10k." They were great for me. I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    Also, I am so jealous of your courage to go skydiving! Have so much fun!

  2. Emily you look amazing! Keep being awesome and positive! You are a great example of living life to the fullest and becoming the best you! PLEASE post pictures of Hawaii so we can see the fun you have and live through your photos! :) Take care!


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