Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Survived the Greek Frestival!

Last night was the Greek Festival.  AAaaaaaannnd, I ate lots of food.  My plan was just to go in, get my FAVORITE green beans, a salad and maybe a piece of pita.  Well, it's not that easy once you get there.  I ended up getting a Gyro, pilaf, meatballs, green beans AND loukoumates (BEST scones ever!!)  I felt terrible after, but then I had to remind myself that I'm living my life and I shouldn't feel bad for eating off plan once in a while.  I enjoyed myself, and that's the most important thing, right?
For those of you who haven't gone to the Greek Festival yet, GO!!!  Right now, just do it!  haha  It's a tradition with my friends and I, and I look forward to it every year.  It's almost the season opener of fall, for me.  Oh, I just love it. :)
So, I'm still loosing weight!!  I'm SOOO super close the the 50 lbs. mark!  (YEAH!  *happy dance*)  I'm thinking once I get to 50 lbs. down I'll get myself something at the spa, like a facial or a massage.  I've decided to do little rewards for myself, every 10 lbs down.  Why not!?  Yes, I have the reward of feeling better and looking better, but it's just one more thing to look forward to when it gets hard.  My final reward?  An Ipad! :)  I'm so excited!! 

Here's a picture from Monday.  Most of you have seen it, since I posted it on Facebook, but it just makes me happy.  The left side was in 2009 at EFY, not even my biggest weight, and the right was Monday.  I'm wearing the same shirt, and it's a TON looser, the picture doesn't do it justice. (also, thanks to my constant companion, my water bottle, I have a spot on my shirt and my jeans are sticking out because they're starting to get too big.)  I LOVE how different I look!  It just is so motivating.  

With that friends, have a good week(end)!  Make smart decisions, it's worth it!  Love to you all!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Why? Confidence. And How I Gained Mine.

The title of this post may be a little deceiving, as I was writing I realized there were two things that I really wanted to talk about the "why?" and how important confidence is in any journey to overcome something.  So read on, you wonderful people! :)
A lot of people have asked me "Why do you want to loose the weight?"  In my head I feel like it's obvious, but apparently I have to explain myself sometimes.  Also, if you understand the "Why?" it's easier to do the "How?"
So there are the more obvious reasons why I want to loose the weight: I want to be healthy.  I'm sick of my weight holding me back.  I don't want people to look at me and only see my weight.  I'm sick of walking around and if I hear people laugh, automatically assume it's because I'm big.  Also, I want to look good!  (AKA stinkin' hot! haha)
Then there are the not so obvious: sometimes when you're overweight it's harder to have children.  I know I'm not anywhere near that stage, but I'd rather get healthy now and not have to worry about it when my husband (wherever he is!? :)) and I start a family.  Also, I want to be able to help other people, and I feel like I'd be the biggest hypocrite out there if I can't even help myself.
Do any of you know what it's like to be held back by something?  It's poopy!  I feel like my weight has held me back my whole life, and I haven't fully lived.  I want to be able to go on a hike with confidence.  I want to be able to spontaneously go sky diving (and you better believe I'm going as soon as I hit 200!!!!)  I want to be able to talk to guys and not be afraid that all they're going to remember about me is my fluffy side. :)
Now, I know that this post may make some people think that I am lacking confidence in myself and that I'll need a reminder of how awesome/amazing I am.  I PROMISE you, I don't. haha  I know that I have a lot of great qualities, I have good character and values thanks to my wonderful parents.  I have a sense of humor, I love to love people, I can see the good, I know who I am and I'm not afraid to be that person.
This journey isn't about finding the confidence.  I feel like to start something like this you already need that.  If  you don't, you won't be as successful as you had hoped you would be.
I'm so excited for that day when I can know that I accomplished my goal.  When I know that I was a success in this endeavor.  I'm excited to know that I will no longer have to say no to things because I'm scared my weight will hold me back.  This excitement is helping me get through.  When I think of the future and how bright it is for me (and can be for you too!!) I can't help but smile.  I'm excited to see what doors will open because of my choices.
For those of my friends that are struggling,with weight or other problems, and want to overcome whatever it is, I want to give a tip.  Work on finding you first, find (at least a little) confidence.  It's not easy.  Sometimes, especially in this world, it's easy to forget how amazing we are, what we have already accomplished, who we have already touched.  But if you work on that, the confidence to get through your struggles will come.
I hate to get preachy, but here we go, real quick, I promise! :)
I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  I know who I am, a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.  I know that my life will be blessed if I make the right decisions.  My confidence comes from that knowledge and knowing that wherever I am, whatever I'm going through, my Savior, Jesus Christ will be right beside me and my Father in Heaven will ALWAYS listen to my prayers.
I am not saying these things for y'all to get baptized (although if your interested I know a couple people who would love to talk to you! haha) I just think it's important to believe in SOMETHING.  Realizing that there is something greater out there.  Realizing that people will be with you, is important.
If you want, below are three talks (one I've been reading over and over again since I first heard it in 2009 and the other my AMAZING roommate just showed me last week, and another one I'm not quite sure how I found it, but it's good!)  They have inspired me, have given me a boost of confidence and have given me more strength, to push through and be a success.
The first is by President Dieter F. Uchdorf called  "The Reflection in the Water"
The second, by Sister Louise Brown titled "Learning to Love Myself"
The third is by President James E. Faust titled "The Value of Self Esteem"
So, dear friends, good luck!  Know that I am always here for you, if you need a buddy or a confidence boost.  You are wonderful, and like I've said before, you have helped me already.
Good luck with your goals.  You can do it!  Just take it step-by-step and day-by-day.  (Oh dear, Full House flash backs! haha!)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Okay, so I just wanted to do a quick post on my latest trip to San Francisco.  Not a review or anything, but just to show some of my progress.  I went to San Fran last year (2011) in March and this year (2012) in August.

2012 (I didn't get any "body" shots of me, and this isn't the best pic.)

And for the craziest (I think) of all!!  Look at my face!!!!  Gah! :) :) :)


Yep, that's a Ghirardelli sundae!  See why it was hard for me to stay on program during the summer? :)

 YAY!  I love being able to see my progress.  It makes it a lot easier to make the changes in my life.  Also, getting on the scale every week and seeing that I'm loosing doesn't hurt either.

The Ups and Downs of Summer OR Day 1...Again.

Remember that one time I started a blog?  I posted pretty good for about 2 weeks, then I went MIA?  Yeah, sorry about that.  The thing with starting a blog about one's weight loss is that you don't really want to talk about things when they go bad...or when you have cake and chocolate, and let's just say, not preform the way you should, and consequently you don't want to post it for the world to know.  Ooopsie!
BUT, I'm back on track now!  I've learned that summer is a hard time for me to diet.  It's not that I overeat or anything, I actually didn't gain any weight this summer (okay, I gained a pound), but I don't take the necessary steps to helping my body lose the fat.  Well, welcome back to school! :)  I'm now back on to my busy schedule (full time work + 5 classes= packed/crazy/stressful schedule for EmJay), so that means less time to just hang out and eat what ever I want.
I restarted the program about a week and a half, and I'm proud to say that I'm doing good again.  I haven't fallen off the wagon.  I'm eating my MediFast meals and I'm getting my "Lean and Green" in.  Yes, once in a while I have a LITTLE thing here or there that aren't on the program, but I'm watching what I eat and am asking myself "Is it really worth it?"  The hardest thing is saying Auf Wiedersehen to sugar...and I decided to go on another soda (mostly caffeine) fast, except when I go to movies, so HELLO migraines!
One thing that really helped me the first time around is to constantly remind myself that "I can do ANYTHING for 3 months!"  And I'm going to apply that mindset this time around.  So, come Christmas, my goal is to be down to 200 lbs.  I can do it! I can do hard things!  I can not have Halloween candy!  I can eat smart on Thanksgiving!  I can not overendulge during the Greek Festival!  Oh how I love fall!...but I want to be healthy (and stinkin' hot! haha) more.
I think that setting weekly goals will help me this time around to stay more motivated.  That makes it easier to reach my weekly check-ins with my health coach with success rather than failures.
This weeks goals:
-No Soda
-No Sugar
-Exercise at least 2 days (and no, walking around Weber State to classes does not count. haha)
-Update the blog at least once.
That's it.  I don't need to have a huge list that is too scary to accomplish.  I think this will be good for me, having 2 check in days, Wednesdays will be with my health coach, and Saturdays will be with you, my loved ones.
On that subject.  Thank you so much!  I've had TONS of positive feedback about this blog and my journey.  One reason why I started it is because it really is easier to loose weight if you're not hiding it from the world, it kind of makes you more accountable.  So, thank you for being so awesome, thank you for noticing my progress, thank you for just being a positive influence in my life.
I hope I can make y'all proud.  AND I hope I can keep up with blogging.  :)
With that friends, have a wonderful weekend.  Stay happy, and be healthy.
Peace and blessings.  Peace and blessings.  Haha