I Left My Heart in San Francisco

Okay, so I just wanted to do a quick post on my latest trip to San Francisco.  Not a review or anything, but just to show some of my progress.  I went to San Fran last year (2011) in March and this year (2012) in August.

2012 (I didn't get any "body" shots of me, and this isn't the best pic.)

And for the craziest (I think) of all!!  Look at my face!!!!  Gah! :) :) :)


Yep, that's a Ghirardelli sundae!  See why it was hard for me to stay on program during the summer? :)

 YAY!  I love being able to see my progress.  It makes it a lot easier to make the changes in my life.  Also, getting on the scale every week and seeing that I'm loosing doesn't hurt either.


  1. Great comparison pics! Your face really shows the progress you are making.


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