The Ups and Downs of Summer OR Day 1...Again.

Remember that one time I started a blog?  I posted pretty good for about 2 weeks, then I went MIA?  Yeah, sorry about that.  The thing with starting a blog about one's weight loss is that you don't really want to talk about things when they go bad...or when you have cake and chocolate, and let's just say, not preform the way you should, and consequently you don't want to post it for the world to know.  Ooopsie!
BUT, I'm back on track now!  I've learned that summer is a hard time for me to diet.  It's not that I overeat or anything, I actually didn't gain any weight this summer (okay, I gained a pound), but I don't take the necessary steps to helping my body lose the fat.  Well, welcome back to school! :)  I'm now back on to my busy schedule (full time work + 5 classes= packed/crazy/stressful schedule for EmJay), so that means less time to just hang out and eat what ever I want.
I restarted the program about a week and a half, and I'm proud to say that I'm doing good again.  I haven't fallen off the wagon.  I'm eating my MediFast meals and I'm getting my "Lean and Green" in.  Yes, once in a while I have a LITTLE thing here or there that aren't on the program, but I'm watching what I eat and am asking myself "Is it really worth it?"  The hardest thing is saying Auf Wiedersehen to sugar...and I decided to go on another soda (mostly caffeine) fast, except when I go to movies, so HELLO migraines!
One thing that really helped me the first time around is to constantly remind myself that "I can do ANYTHING for 3 months!"  And I'm going to apply that mindset this time around.  So, come Christmas, my goal is to be down to 200 lbs.  I can do it! I can do hard things!  I can not have Halloween candy!  I can eat smart on Thanksgiving!  I can not overendulge during the Greek Festival!  Oh how I love fall!...but I want to be healthy (and stinkin' hot! haha) more.
I think that setting weekly goals will help me this time around to stay more motivated.  That makes it easier to reach my weekly check-ins with my health coach with success rather than failures.
This weeks goals:
-No Soda
-No Sugar
-Exercise at least 2 days (and no, walking around Weber State to classes does not count. haha)
-Update the blog at least once.
That's it.  I don't need to have a huge list that is too scary to accomplish.  I think this will be good for me, having 2 check in days, Wednesdays will be with my health coach, and Saturdays will be with you, my loved ones.
On that subject.  Thank you so much!  I've had TONS of positive feedback about this blog and my journey.  One reason why I started it is because it really is easier to loose weight if you're not hiding it from the world, it kind of makes you more accountable.  So, thank you for being so awesome, thank you for noticing my progress, thank you for just being a positive influence in my life.
I hope I can make y'all proud.  AND I hope I can keep up with blogging.  :)
With that friends, have a wonderful weekend.  Stay happy, and be healthy.
Peace and blessings.  Peace and blessings.  Haha


  1. You really are making incredible progress! I love your goals, you can totally do them :) I think taking each holiday or food celebration event one at a time will make them easier to face and your fabulous motivation will carry you through :) Keep it up!

  2. I can definitely relate to the on the program off the program. I feel like every night I want to start "being good" again with my diet and exercise but every morning I crack open a soda! and the day goes down hill from there.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog, your personality really comes through! I didn't know you very well in high school but you always seemed really nice and happy and I can see that in your posts.

    Good luck with your program and stay motivated! You're inspiring me to make better choices


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