Good old Weber, 10 years passed

Last week was my 10 year reunion.  Yep.  10 years.

It’s taken me a week to get to grips with that.  I don’t feel like it’s been 10 years, but time flies.

I was really scared to go, like, I was crying on the way there because of a panic attack, but I had to.  Why was I panicking, you ask?
1.       I’ve had amnesia since graduating.  It wasn’t bad, but my memories are really foggy.  I can remember people and names, but I can’t remember my connections with them.  I can’t remember events.  It’s just hard.  I feel bad about it. 
2.       I don’t really like attention.  It’s hard for me to take compliments, and talk about myself, especially in those situations (we’ll get to that with #3).  So, with the weight loss, people compliment me and I’m basically like “Thank you…now let’s move onto you…or another topic…baseball…Taco Bell…Starlord…anything.”  Also, there is more to my story than my weight loss…but I don’t like talking about me, so move on.  Haha
3.       In regards to life accomplishments, I don’t really have anything to report.  I mean, my life has been great, but I feel like the 10 year is mostly to show off spouses and children...neither of which I have.  Not complaining, just the facts.

Despite the fact that this last weekend was hard, I was able to reflect on the things that I accomplished and got to do in the last 10 years…and my life is good, real good.

-        Traveled…a lot!
o   Greece (2009), Italy (2004, 2009, 2014), Germany (2004 and 2009), Austria (2004 and 2009), Switzerland (2004 and 2009), France (2004, 2009, 2014) and England (2004 and 2009)
o   New York in 2011
o   Ensenada, Mexico cruise in 2012
o   Hawaii in 2013
o   San Francisco in 2011 and 2012
o   Countless camping trips
o   A million trips to Disneyland
-          Worked as a counselor and building counselor at EFY.
o   I may not have had the opportunity to serve a mission.  But I firmly believe that my mission was to serve at home, for the youth at EFY and for my family.
-          Participated with the Ogden Institute Choralaires.
o   I made countless friends and made bonds that I will never fully forget.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been in this choir because being a member of it helped me through some of the hardest times in my life.
-          Had amnesia.
o   I don’t remember it happening.  It messed up my brain, that is all.  Haha
-          Worked at a day care, as a baker, as an ice cream dipper and an elections specialist/deputy clerk.
-          Had heartbreak.  A lot.  It was worth it though.
-          Went through the Ogden Temple December 4, 2009 to receive my endowment.
-          Took care of my mom while she struggled with cancer and kidney failure. 
o   This was by far the hardest time of my life.  It lasted years, and the affects of her passing lasted even longer.  There are days were I miss her terribly and am so envious of people who are able to just talk to their moms, but luckily I have been blessed with good friends and mom figures.
-          Took care of my dad.
o   Watching my dad struggle with losing the love of his life was gut wrenching.  For about a year after my mom passed away I never showed or expressed my struggle because he was the one that was mourning and I had to be strong for him.
-          Lost 80+ pounds.  But you all know that.  J

It’s true 10 years have flown, and I’m a completely different person than I was in high school.  I’ve grown and have been molded and scarred.  I honestly wouldn’t change a minute of it.

I decided, before the reunion, I would go to my dad’s house and bust out some of my old high school garb.  I thought it would fit okay, since I really thought the majority of my weight was gained after high school…I was wrong.  My once tight choir dress was now a tent, and my sweater, which was tight around the belly could now be practically folded in half.  Don’t you worry your little hearts, I took photos…I knew you were all just SO worried about it.  haha! :P

I was SO baby faced.  haha

I'm really excited to see what the next 10 years will bring me.  Fingers crossed for some easier times, memory retention, and maybe something to report at the next reunion.  haha


  1. I LOVED seeing you at the reunion, the one thing I felt really bad about was that we got a quick hello in and then as I was leaving, I realized you had been down stairs all night and I could have come talked to you! Anyway, I think it is amazing how much you have been though and accomplished over the last 10 years- really amazing. You are so great (see over a blog comment, you don't have to respond to a compliment!). And if it makes you feel any better, I have never had amnesia but the reunion made me realize what a blur high school is now. I could recall names and recognize faces but I can hardly remember details about my favorite groups I was a part of. I haven't decided if it is sad or just a fact of life- new things replacing the old things and making those old things harder to remember. Thanks for the work you put in to make the reunion happen, I for one appreciate it!

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