Good grief, I’m doing really great at this blog thing.
I hit a wall.  I just got sick of always having my weight loss in the back of my mind.  Having that there for 2 years is exhausting.  I just got tired of being held accountable to myself…and now with the blog, to others.  I got tired of being afraid of food.  I got tired of thinking in “what ifs” and “if onlys”.  I just was tired of all of it.  I wanted cheese fries and ice cream and to not worry about it.
So, I didn’t.
And I didn’t really gain. 
And I’m happy.
BUT, now it’s time to take charge again, and hold myself accountable, for just a little while longer, and get the rest of the unhealthy weight off.
For some reason, this restart is really dinging my pride.  I feel ashamed, like I let people down.  But, at least I'm moving forward.  I will get over this plateau, both physical and mental.
Back on track, starting today.  Not going to lie, my mornings are always healthy, I just have a shake or a protein bar.  So, no worries on that, it’s when I get off of work that I want to binge and not exercise.  Well, my friends, not today.  Even though it’s raining, I’m planning on going on a walk/jog after work, and I’ll eat the healthy food that I have in the fridge.  It’s all in the baby steps, in the here and now, taking it a day at a time.
So, I will.
I will succeed.
I’m going to Europe next month, and I’d like to at least be under 200 pounds, so that’s my main goal right now.  I have 52 days to do that…I’m just a little excited! J

So, here’s to yet another new beginning, and here’s to hoping it’s the last one.  I want it to be.

So let it be written, so let it be done.  J


  1. Way to go, Emily! You have nothing to be ashamed of. I don't think anyone in the world would say you've people down. You are an amazing inspiration. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like you've done, to include people in your journey. Know that a lot of people are cheering you on, even from far away!


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